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The Catholic Life Magazine

It brings me great joy to be able to write stories of Faith for the Catholic Life Magazine for the Diocese of La Crosse in addition to my other service offerings of web design, graphic design and media strategy.  I have been writing for them since December of 2020, and enjoy meeting new faces in the process of my work for them. Hearing from the faithful community and putting their stories into perspective is one of my favorite parts of being a writer. 

Please enjoy a collection of my stories below: 




Greater Coulee Region


Summer 2020 to present

The Faith of a Farmer

This story recounts how a farmer in rural Wisconsin was able to live his call to holiness throughout his life, though he faced many challenges. 

One Mother's Call

Ms. Brown was a pleasure to chat with, and her story inspires us all to do what's asked of us with a joy-filled optimism. 

The Lehn Family

This article learns from a family of seven how they were able to listen and follow God's call in their lives. 

Finding Faith
The tale of a young man on a path without God, and his awakening as he finds true peace within the Catholic Church.
Vocation in Education
Learn how education helped one man find his vocation and how that faith landed him in Lebanon.
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Guided by the Spirit
This family's big decisions have all been directed by prayer and Faith, no matter how daunting the ask may seem. 
LC1121_round1 1.png
Hear one woman's story of perseverance in prayer and how her prayers turn from petition to thanksgiving. 
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Tradition of "Yes" 
This couple's story started 100 years ago with their ancestors and today they carry on the tradition.
A Sense of Belonging 
This couple comes from a protestant majority area and use their perspective to help lead the church.
Calling of Service
With a servant's heart, this man's journey to the permanent diaconate was a logical step for his head and heart.
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