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Best Retail Event | Shop Small Sundays

This initiative raised $26,000 through sponsorships and matched funds during the holiday season of 2020.  These funds were granted to 24 small businesses during the Covid-19 crisis and helped those business to survive another year.  


While working for Downtown Mainstreet, Inc.,

I was able to develop various ideas and execute them in partnership with the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce.


The promotion called Shop Small Sundays was developed as a means of supporting small businesses through the holiday season during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a nutshell, this idea has corporate sponsors who match funds spent at small businesses on Sundays during the Holiday Season, and those funds are then donated to the Small Business Resiliency Fund. The SBRF then grants them back to businesses in $3000 allotments for their expenses. 

For this initiative, I designed all marketing materials including the website, posters, print ads, a promotional video and social posts into a media kit that our small businesses could use to cross promote.  

The overarching goal of "Shop Small Sundays"  was to draw support for our small businesses and demonstrate that the purchases of the public have a big difference in supporting our local economy. The matched funds was one means to spur intentional shopping, but it it my hope that this helped consumers to do this in the future, not just for this holiday season.


IMC Design


Downtown La Crosse, WI


Fall 2020

Print Assets
Digital Assets
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