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  • Rachel Persson

It's all Fake News

Public Relations is a dirty word. Often synonymous with spin doctors and fake news, PR get’s a bad rap.

People regularly ask me why I would want to being a career in Public Relations, but the real question they’re asking me is-

“Why would you want to get involved in all the name-calling, accusation throwing, and downright awful behavior associated with PR?”

My answer comes down to this - I want to help bring humanity back to business.

To begin with, I am so incredibly privileged to have the training that I do. I feel a deep responsibility to use that training and do good with it. Because, let’s be real, I could do a lot of damage with the skills I’ve attained. This responsibility has me often wondering how I can best act on it. So, I started my own business specifically to help people learn the skills they need to go after their dreams with conviction.

When I think of chasing your dreams, I think of the proverbial American Dream. I think of small-town America, with little mom-n-pop shops selling popcorn, ice cream and maybe also powertools. I think of small, family-owned businesses that are trying to make a living and to be happy. No, I’m not saying I have the key to happiness, although the argument could be made that ice cream = happiness, but that’s a blog for another time. These small businesses that I’m talking about all started with a vision. I want to help people achieve their vision for their business.

I’m sure you’re thinking “That’s so sweet, but you can’t make someone hit their goals. That’s on them.” And you’d be right.

But what I can do to help is bring the humanity back into business--to me, that’s ultimately what PR is about. It’s about building relationships and building meaningful connections.

I started this company to help bring humanity back into the business world, because I know that if people as consumers only cared about price, then small businesses would be dead. Consumers would follow choose the cheapest option, and they’d never stop at a small business again. With the rise of things like #SmallBusinessSaturday, and corporate philanthropy, it’s easy to see--that’s what consumers want!

Consumers want to feel like they’ve made a difference too! That’s why people shop local, and patronize their friends stores, even though they could buy something cheaper elsewhere.

I see the goal of my little company as helping bring the humanity back to business. If I can help your small business gain more customers, or simply make people aware of your company, then I am doing my job. Because I believe that people want to make a difference. I believe that if we give consumers a choice between two options, they will choose a connection to their community. I believe that if we give names and faces to small businesses, that consumers will do the rest.  I believe that when it comes down to it, people yearn to be good and do good.

// RP

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