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Mighty Together
La Crosse

While working for Downtown Mainstreet, Inc.,

I was able to expand my IMC skills to help design, coordinate and promote a new website called during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This website was part of an initiative to help preserve and protect the small businesses of La Crosse County.  

For this initiative, I designed all marketing materials including the website, directories, posters, print ads,  and social posts.  I worked closely with my executive director to develop this plan. After listening to feedback and incorporating ideas from other Mainstreet USA communities, I developed a comprehensive marketing plan to appeal to our target audience and drive traffic to their establishments during the pandemic and economic recovery time.  The main tactic of this plan was the beginning of a Downtown La Crosse Blog called "Love Local." 


The blog's purpose is two-fold: primarily to introduce the faces of our local business owners to the general public, and to use SEO to drive more traffic to our website.  After just two posts, we have seen a drastic increase in traffic to our website and other media platforms.  We have received positive media coverage on this and other initiatives surrounding our efforts to bolster small business in the downtown district during the Covid-19 pandemic.  In addition, the blog has garnered support for those featured small businesses from the general public.

The overarching goal of the "Mighty Together" Campaign was to draw support for our small businesses and relay to the public their importance in supporting their local economy through this crisis. 


Media Strategy


Downtown La Crosse, WI


Spring 2020

Check out the media coverage of this campaign here: 

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